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RecoChoku, Maximize Music Market RecoChoku, Maximize Music Market

Founded in July 2001, RecoChoku has provided various advanced digital services for the local labels/artists by helping support them with technical solutions on their challenges in the recorded music market - in addition to the existing download/streaming services.

It now runs digital music service, solutions for music business, and independent artist support business as its core 3 business areas to support the music industry, and also develops business with new technology such as NFT/Web3 and Generative AI.

Looking to the one and only 'music IT company' in Japan, RecoChoku builds a bridge over fans and artists, and keeps bringing them services/solutions with new technology to maximize the market growth.


Maximize Music Market


Design a New Relationship
between People and Music

Keep Generating New Values for Music

We face changes in technology, device, and living environment itself.
The music demand is not only in the real life, but has been expanded into the areas like NFT, metaverse, and Web3. It is a chance for us to create new values for music by multiplying other powers as we describe it as "Music x ○○".

Yet, our position has not been changed since we created a new music life scene with ringtune before. - It is to be the only one company to digitally provide solutions and produce business chances for the music industry.

With our engineers and with all our employees' passion for music, we keep trying to bring our services and music to all over the world to achieve our mission to "Maximize Music Market".

President & Representative Director
RecoChoku Co., Ltd.

Toru Itabashi

Photo of President and Representative Director of RecoChoku Co., Ltd. Photo of President and Representative Director of RecoChoku Co., Ltd.


Company RecoChoku Co., Ltd.
Office 2-16-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 JAPAN
Established July 3, 2001
Capital 170,000,000 yen
President &
Representative Director
Toru Itabashi
Executives Eitaro Shibasaki, Tomohiko Momose, Taiichiro Tomoyoshi, Satoru Niwano, Kazuhiko Kadono, Yota Matsushima
Executive Advisor Yuichi Kato
Group Companies NexTone Inc.
Eggs Co., Ltd.